We produce original stories by and starring persons of color &/or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, two-spirit, gender nonconforming persons &/or disabled persons &/or nonviolent (previously) incarcerated persons &/or senior citizens. We are for you regardless of your Nationality or Spirituality, as long as you are for harmonious Love. 

est. Jan 08 2021 
Burlington, Vt 



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Oct 01 2019

Engayged / Short Documentary / 9 minutes

A surprise queer proposal at a Christmas Tree Farm in New Brunswick, Nj. Directing, Filming, Editing, Sound by Rocky Bostick. Featuring the couple Erica Concors and Ann-Marie Gover.

Sep 21 2017

Uncommon Music Festival / Documentary Series

Journeyed to Sitka, Ak to document the 2017 installment of the Uncommon Music Festival. This annual chamber music event promotes new and forgotten works by traditionally underrepresented composers, particularly highlighting women and queer musicians. Producing, Directing, Camera, Editing, and Sound by Rocky Bostick.