We produce original stories by and starring persons of color &/or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, two-spirit, gender nonconforming persons &/or disabled persons &/or nonviolent (previously) incarcerated persons &/or senior citizens. We are for you regardless of your Nationality or Spirituality, as long as you are for harmonious Love. 

est. Jan 08 2021 
Burlington, Vt 



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Oct 23 2020 

Rules. / “Anyhow” 

A Lovelorn Boy feels the story of his troubled relationship while flipping through tv channels. Co-Produced, Co-Directed, Co-Edited by Rocky Bostick (written by, design) with Sebastian Prokuski (idea). 

Created remotely in cities across the globe during the Covid-19 pandemic: San Francisco, Ca, Oakland, Ca, Singapore, Sg, Colchester, Vt, Burlington, Vt, Mexico City, Mex, Chicago, Il,  Boston, Ma, Portland, Or, Pittsburg, Pa, and Clarksville, Md

Co-production with Sour Patch Girls

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Jul 22 2018

Billy BOAT / “Nitty Gritty” 

Filmed on location in New Haven, Ct and at Zeta Psi fraternity at Yale University. A traumatized student walks, dances, drinks his way through another night of parties, racism, betrayal, and disappointment. Conceived, Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited by Rocky Bostick. With Choreography by associate producer Jaquana Ricks.

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Apr 06 2018

Jack Broza / “Painted Man” (Director’s Cut)

Filmed on-location at the Yale School of Art Sculpture Building. Premiered at the Yale University Off-Broadway theater as one of three original music videos created by Rocky Bostick as part of Jack Broza Lawrence's Gather, Together live presentation.

Shot in one improvised late-night session, New Haven, Ct / New Orleans, La based painter Leonard Galmon goes to work on a human canvas. Conceived by Rocky Bostick and Leonard Galmon. Directed and Filmed by Rocky Bostick.

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Feb 14 2015

Patrick Cragin / “My Funny Valentine (Cover)”

A Young Woman discovers true love on Valentine’s Day. Filmed by Patrick Cragin in Los Angeles, Ca. Directed by Patrick Cragin and Rocky Bostick.

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