We produce original stories by and starring persons of color &/or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, two-spirit, gender nonconforming persons &/or disabled persons &/or nonviolent (previously) incarcerated persons &/or senior citizens. We are for you regardless of your Nationality or Spirituality, as long as you are for harmonious Love. 

est. Jan 08 2021 
Burlington, Vt 



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Seven One Seven

/ podcast

est. Sep 2020
Burlington, Vt

Rocky Bostick,

“Featuring International Perspectives On”

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Episode 01: New Resident, Part One  < en español >

Episode 02: New Resident, Part Two  < in English >

Episode 03: Zach Postlethwaite

Episode 04: You On Election Nights, “Unpresidented”

Episode 05: You On Election Nights, “Pfizer”

Episode 06: Matt Thekkethala

Episode 07: “Now More Than Ever” by Matt Thekkethala

Episode 08: Albert Lee